Posted by: Rose's Daughter | April 1, 2010

Poop chronicles.

It’s going on 3 days, and my child has not pooped. 

I haven’t given him any rice cereal since Monday,when I gave it to him on a spoon.  He frowned up his face in disgust, and I hadn’t gotten around giving to him again.  I had tried to give him some in a bottle myself on Sunday night.  He laughed at me.  Literally.  The look on his face was like”are you serious?”  hilarious.  It was priceless.

Anyway, back to the poop.

He didn’t poop all day saturday after he got the rice cereal in the bottle the first time.  But Sunday afternoon, we had a massive(and I do mean massive) dump.  I think he pooped a little on Monday.  But since then, nothing.  Just lots and lots of gas and a few streaks in his diaper every once and a while.  He doesn’t seem uncomfortable.  But I’m worried!  And I feel strange, worrying about poop.




  1. I’ve got lotz of poop info for ya….

    I’m not sure exactly when it started but as my baby was approaching the solid food age (i waited until he was 6 months), he suddenly started skipping days between poops. The most was probably 4 but typically 2-3 days. I decided I wouldn’t do anything unless he seemed uncomfortable. I never had to do anything.

    Once he started eating at 6 months, he became quite constipated and didn’t go for days and also started having a lot of trouble going. I removed rice cereal form his diet (i give only oatmeal and mixed grain now) since rice is more constipating. I also mixed organic prune juice into his food if he seemed to be having a bout of constipation.

    He is almost 9 months now and everything is running smoothly. I’d recommend a few tablespoons of prune juice in a bottle if things get worse.

  2. They make glycerin suppositories at the Walgreens. They produce poop in under 15 minutes, but usually within 1-2. Also, my ped recommended a karo syrup mixture. I can’t remember the recipe, though.

  3. Just give it some more time. Watch him to make sure he’s not uncomfortable and make sure his belly is soft. If he seems ok, he is. The preshus didn’t poop for almost 10 days at one point. There just wasn’t anything left after digesting all the breastmilk to poop out.

  4. wow, interestingly, Kaua didn’t poop for 4 days after we started giving him rice cereal. Prune juice on the 4th day cleared it up. I’m not going to give Kaua rice cereal every few days till his digestive system can handle it.

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