Posted by: Rose's Daughter | April 3, 2010


Poop Watch ’10 is over!!!

Yesterday, the Pookah got more and more irritated as the day went on.  And gassy.  I did the manual stimulation with the thermometer, put his knees up to his chest, did the bicycle.  Nothing.  Just a lot of funky gas.  Finally, right before I went to work at 6pm, C-Dub and I gave in and put in a glycerin suppository.

And we waited.

THREE whole hours later, C-Dub called me at work to report a MONSTER POOP!


And then, he went this again this morning, and again this afternoon.  Good poops. Different though than before though.  Thicker somehow

I think i will lay off of the rice cereal for now.  And when I start him back, it will be oatmeal, and fiber filled foods. (pears, prunes, veggies, etc).

OK enough about poop.  Never thought I would write a whole post on the poop cycles of my boy.  But I guess that’s what motherhood is about.  The poop obsession.  Of course, it will continue…………….



  1. That’s great! We started Izzy on a little oatmeal cereal today, im curious to see if we’re going to end up on a Poop Watch ourselves!

  2. Hooray for good poop! (I bet you never thought you would want to hear that!)

    Glad to hear that poop watch had a happy ending!


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