Posted by: Rose's Daughter | April 5, 2010

What I need…..

I wish I had something exciting or thought-provoking to write about tonight.  But I don’t.  The Pookah is down for now, sleeping his first stretch of the night.

We decided to take Pookah to the park on Sunday(it was gorgeous here in Atlanta).  And I had NOTHING to wear.  Finally, I put on a pair of khaki’s and a MATERNITY top. 


That morning, for church, I had on a pair of MATERNITY Pants.

Do you see a pattern here?

The scale of course, says that I lost all of my pregnancy weight.  But, not the weight I had gained since the last time I put on non-maternity summer clothes.  So nothing, and I mean NOTHING fits!

I still have a pooch.  My ass is still big.  My breasts have made it damn near impossible to wear any of my pre-pregnancy shirts.( going from a B cup to a D cup will do that for you.)

No more mediums for you!( in my soup nazi voice).

Anyway.  I need to exercise.

But when?

C-Dub is still not home, and it’s after 9 pm.  I could take him during the day.  They do have a day care at the gym.  But I’ve never dropped him off anywhere!  Maybe it’s time to start??

My sister-in-law desperately wants to watch him.  But every time she comes over, she just forces herself on him before he is ready, and he cries and cries like someone is beating him.  He was ok with her holding him by the end of her last visit, but that took an hour.  Jeez.

I love my baby.  Love him with all my heart.

But I need a break.

I want to get away……I want to fly away…………………….

But how can I leave this face?????



  1. When i can’t leave home, I record the workouts on FitTV and do those. also has good workout videos!

    • Also, he looks sooooooooo adorable in his little hat!

      And i totally feel you on needing a break! i understand mu hubby needs his sleep so he can go to work, but my goodness, im gonna just leave them one day for a couple of hours, cell phones off!

  2. Awwww, such a cute face! I just want to eat those cheeks!

  3. He is so precious!

  4. It is difficult to find the time to work out. Especially when you do not want to leave your LO. And when your LO does not want you to leave him!

    I also need to get moving, and lose weight. I am convinced that the only way I will be able to get a good work out is by going to the gym and leaving him with the nursery there. I am thinking more seriously about it every day.

    I hope you figure it out soon!

  5. Ugh I feel ya on the pooch and increased bust size . I’ve been battling those as well. I’m still wearing maternity shorts too.

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