Posted by: Rose's Daughter | April 23, 2010

The Inlaws

So since last week, it’s been the teething week from hell.

The Pookah has been miserable!  He whines, he cries, he screams, all while biting down on whatever he can fit in his mouth.  The peak happened about Monday and Tuesday.  He’s been calming down since, but not by much.  I guess these things happen in waves?

The teething tablets, while a godsend at first, now make me wonder if they are helping at all.  Tylenol is helping.  I wish I could give him some Motrin, but I know you are not supposed to give it until they are 6 months.  Why is that?  The motrin would last longer!

Anyway, The Bumbo is a fail  Pookah discovered that if he straightens out his legs, he can get out.

Okay now.

My in-laws, both sets, are coming this week coming up.


C-Dub’s father and his wife are coming next week.  Thank the Lord they are staying with my sister-in-law who just closed on her newly built beautiful” why can’t I have one like it” house.  But still, they will expect to be entertained by my baby.  And on Friday, out house guests will arrive.  C-Dub’s mother and brothers.  How many of his brothers I don’t know.  And will one of them bring his wife and kid? I don’t know. 

I don’t want company.  I just want to chill with my boy and my husband for a hot minute when the child isn’t screaming his head off!

But no, we will all have to put on a show for the next 7 days. 



  1. I so feel you on not wanting any company. Hubby’s parents are coming next week, and while his dad is cool, im just honestly not looking forward to being around his mom. She’s always talking, and I just don’t feel like dealing with it!

  2. I guess it’s that time of year because I’m mentally preparing myself for the weekend of June 5th. My inlaws are coming to Dallas for a high school graduation. I TOTALLY feel you and Christina about not wanting to be bothered…..TOTALLY!!!

  3. I am sorry you are having such a time with teething. It just sounds miserable! I think we are just starting teething. Little Dude has been very drool-y, and he has been trying to chew on all sorts of things. Poor thing just does not have the hand coordination to actually get most things to his mouth, so he ends up chomping on his finger.

    Good luck with the family invasion. I hope it turns out better than you think. But it is family, so who knows what will happen.
    My in-laws are coming next week, and MIL is staying with us. This is after canceling on us 3 times. I hope this is the week, so that I can get the visit over with.

  4. Can you sign up to work?

  5. Dang! that sucks, maybe the 7days will go quickly and maybe it wont be as bad as you think. You might get some alone time with hubby out of this 🙂 (dinner, movie…etc…etc…etc) you neva know!

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