Posted by: Rose's Daughter | May 29, 2010

Ok, won’t be giving him anymore of that…………

I had the scare of my life last night.

The Pookah had an allergic reaction.

To TEETHING BISCUITS for goodness sake. (Earth’s Best Organic in case you were wondering).

I sat him down in the high chair, and handed him a biscuit while I was staring dinner.

He started making noises, but I thought I soothed him.

I happened to look over at him about 10 minutes after I gave him the biscuit, and he was as red as a beet.

I went closer.  He was actually swollen.  His eyes were getting red rings around them.  I snatched him out of the high chair and pulled off his clothes. 

Hives, everywhere.  His neck was swollen, his hand where he had been holding the biscuit was swollen and red.  The hives were spreading getting worse.

I called the answering service for the dr’s office and rushed upstairs for a cold compress.

By this time, Pookah is scratching his skin off.

By this time, I. AM. FREAKING.OUT.

All of my nursing training went out the door.

The nurse calls back and asks me is his tongue swollen and are his lips swollen.  Because if they are, I need to hang up and call 911.


She also mentioned that if he started coughing, his throat could be swelling up, and I should also call 911.  But in the meantime, give him some Benadryl.

Um, yeah.

Of course, as soon as I hung up the phone, I got a cough.

By this time, I notice that the redness around his eyes is getting worse.  Are his eyes swelling shut????

I rush to CVS, kid in tow(because of course, C-Dub chose this night to “hang out” with his best friend.  Even though I had to work that night, and needed a nap, etc etc etc.)  I get the Benadryl, call him tell him to get his ass home, and rushed back to the house.

Now, Pookah is starting to cough more and more and more.  I’m freaked out, alone with no stethoscope(it’s at work!).  I can’t tell if he is wheezing, moving air, nothing.

I called 911.

They came, lights blazing, sirens loud.

Arrived right when C-Dub did, and I’m sitting on the front steps, REALLY freaking out.

Of course, he was fine.

I declined the ride to the ER after I listened to his lungs with the paramedic’s stethoscope.  I’m sure they were thinking all sorts of bad thoughts about me.  Hey, I’m a healthcare professional too.  I KNOW what they were thinking.

So, we gave him his Benadryl, and he passed out. He was sooo high on the Benadryl.  Poor baby.and I only gave his 1/4 teaspoon.  They wanted me to give him 3/4.  Uh, that would be a no………..

And after basically watching him nonstop for about 2 hours, I left my baby and went to work.

Because we need the money.

Because I have no paid time off.

I worried all night, got no updates from C-Dub.

I rushed home this morning with visions of finding my baby blue in his crib and C-Dub sleeping.

I rushed up the stairs, and there he was, smiling.  Cooing.  Like nothing ever happened.  The swelling was going down.  He wasn’t scratching his skin off.  He is still a little red in some areas where the eczema meets the hives.  But he’s better.

Thank God.

I really can’t take that happening again.


  1. Praise God that he’s ok! *hugs* Are YOU ok? I can’t imagine how scared you must have been for your little man! Can his ped do any tests or anything to find out what ingredient in the teething biscuits caused the reaction?

  2. That is really scary! I am glad both of you are fine. Though I have no doubt you aged several years with that incident! I also wonder what could have caused such a reaction. I hope you get some answers soon!

  3. OMG so scary! I’m so glad he’s ok!

  4. Poor guy! How scary! I’m so glad he’s ok, and that you’re ok. Yeah, I know all about the medical training going out the window. You feel stupid later that you didn’t react quicker and think more clearly. People will continue to line up practically on my front stoop in need of some form of resuscitation. *sigh* I also know about the visions of blue babies. I’ve checked my baby 6 times in the last two hours while he was napping. We can’t help it. We’re nurses. This is what we’ve been trained for, the worst case scenario. My husband thinks I’m nuts and a worrywart. He would be right.

  5. OMG! I’m terrified for you just reading this! Soooo glad he’s doing much better now. And I’m on my way to the store to buy some Benadryl… just in case.

  6. You poor thing! I can’t even imagine how scary that must have been, and am so glad that he’s fine. What a nightmare! I hope they’ll be able to figure out exactly what was in those biscuits to cause such a reaction. Definitely going to stock some Benadryl in case of emergency!

  7. holy moly! That was intense! Do you know what in particular in the biscuits he may be allergic to?

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