Posted by: Rose's Daughter | June 20, 2010

Night 4

This was taken this morning, after an OK night. He didn’t struggle so much last night when I put him down. Oh he still woke up often, but not as often. I consciously did not feed him every time he woke up, and that worked. He seemed to just want to know that someone was there.  I though that last night was going to be rough because C Dub let him sleep in the bed with him so that HE could get some sleep while I was at work. But he went down fine, in his own crib, in his room.  Most of the night he slept in 2 hour stretches that were made bearable because he would go right back to sleep as soon as I appeared. Yes I know most people wouldn’t pick him up to calm him or wait until he goes back to sleep. But, this is what’s woking for us. For now. They say it takes about a week to fully change a behavior. We’ll see.

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  1. Isn’t he sweet!!!! I’m so glad you had a better night. Keep going! You’re doing great! Go, Pookah!

    • Thanks! I trying to use your suggestion of not feeding him. I think it’s helping.

      • Oh, good! I’m glad I was able to help. Hey, you weren’t in the Nashville-ish area yesterday, were you? I saw a baby that could have been Pookah’s twin, and I almost called out, but, in a most un-Ninalike moment of restraint managed not to make a total fool of myself.

  2. What a sweet boy…hope it continues to get better.

  3. I am soooo not looking forward to our own personal Swaddlegate. I think I’m going to try it next weekend. *gulp*

  4. Pookah is soooo cute!!! I am going to baby-nap him for real! 😉

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