Posted by: Rose's Daughter | June 20, 2010

self hosting…???

I am thinking of  self hosting this blog/getting my own domain name/taking more control of this blog.  I want to be more creative, and can’t really do it with the current format.  It just seems like such a HUMONGOUS undertaking!  Where do I start????



  1. When you figure it out, let me know! I’ve been hemming and hawing about doing the same thing for evah! Just haven’t figured out how to do it without making myself crazy.

  2. If you’re willing to invest a bit of money, check out:

    Kelly can help you out and get you started. I bought my own domain name through blogger via GoDaddy, and they made it very easy. It was only $10. But Kelly can help because I’m not sure how to do it through WordPress!

  3. Hello,

    If you want to have self hosted blog you have to spend some bucks. Lots of web hosting sites where you can apply for affordable hosting. I’ll show you the simple process:

    1. Look for cms platform that is suitable for you. Better use, WordPress platform. It’s user friendly.
    2. Apply for Domain and Website hosting. Google for the affordable ones.
    2. Once applied and approved, they web hosting company will give you ftp details or cpanel details. There you can change your wordpress themes.
    3. Search for free wordpress themes and download them.
    4. The downloaded theme should be uploaded via FTP or in you WordPress dashboard depending on the version you have.

    Hope this make sense 😉

    If you have questions, feel free to drop me a mail or comment on my blog site.

    ** Dess

  4. Great Idea!!!! Check out this site here:

    Good Luck!

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