Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 1, 2010


I’ve discovered one of the main reasons that my child has not gotten used to sleeping on his own in his bed for any length of time. 

My Husband.  C-Dub. 

When I work at night, C-Dub doesn’t have the patience to stay in his room for hours on end picking up, putting down, picking up putting down.  Some nights Pookah decide that he wants to wake up every hour.  Or every two.  I’ll patiently redirect him to his bed.  But C-Dub……

Will bring the child to our bed.

Yes.  C-Dub has derailed us.

You see, now, Pookah LOVES our bed.  He will snuggle up under one of us, turn on his side and be out for HOURS.

And last night, when it was his turn to get the Pookah to try to put him back down after a midnight awakening, C-Dub snuck that boy in our bed.  I woke up at 2 am to find Pookah wiggling against me, trying to find my nipple through my shirt.


And I of course, in my sleep deprived haze, was too lazy to get up and put him back in his bed.

And the boy slept.  Woke up once more before his normal 730 wake up time.


This situation is not going to be helped due to the fact that we are traveling this weekend to Mississippi to see the in-laws (Oh My GAWD,  6 hours in a car with my teething, I don’t want to sleep, 7 month old???).

So anyway.  When we visit my mother in law, he sleeps in the bed with us.  There is no where else to put him.  No room for the pack and play.  No other bed.

Damn Damn DAMN!

So by the time we get back to Atlanta on Monday, sleep in his crib will be a distant memory.

This on top of the fact that I really am not looking forward to the constant criticism from the Mother in Law.  Will I survive the weekend without cursing her out? Out loud?

Pookah is still not over his stranger anxiety.  And I’m sorry, but strangers are what they are.  They have seen him twice.  He’s much better as long as you let him get used to you first before you just go grab him.  But C-Dub’s sister came over last weekend, and he cried and cried and cried when she looked at him. ( I don’t know what that’s about, but that’s another post for another time by the way).  So I can almost imagine what we have to look forward to.

Ok.  Moving on,

I finally FINALLY took formal portraits of the Pookah at Picture People.


And you would know they were if I could figure out how to use the scanner.

he looks so grown up!!!

Now that he’s 7 months, I have noticed a few new tricks he has up his sleeves:

He still won’t crawl, but he does this thing where he will try to leap  from one spot to the next.

He dances.  That’s right.  When a song that he likes comes on, the child will start bobbing his head, and moving his body to the beat.  It’s HILLARIOUS!!

He babbles.  All day long.

He can move the walker backwards, forwards, side to side, get out of tight corners, and follow me around.  It’s scary.  He is also trying to get into the kitchen cabinets….

He kind of rolls. But its more like a quick flip over to his belly so that he can get to someone or somewhere.

He drinks out of the sippy cup with more consistency.

He eats two meals a day(when I remember).

He has been sitting up on his own for a while now, but he still wont pull up into sitting position on his own.(lazy boy!)

All in all, he’s more mobile( can’t leave him on the changing table alone anymore) and more vocal.

Well, that’s all for now.  I might do a brief post or two from my blackberry while there.  I know I’ll do some small updating on twitter.  

Happy Fourth of July!!!!



  1. ROFLMBO at waking up with to him looking for the boob! I would have freaked out, lol. Maybe it won’t be so bad to try to get him used to the crib once the teething hump is over? I know that’s what Im praying for with Izzy!
    I want to see him dancing, I love baby dance! Good luck this weekend!

  2. I still co sleep for at least part of the night. It is the only way everyone gets any sleep.

    I love that he dances! How fun!

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