Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 2, 2010

I’m jealous.

Is my child at 7 months the only one who is not thinking about crawling?

Who rarely turns over?

I keep reading blogs and seeing video of babies the same age and younger who are doing it.

I’m getting a complex.

Is something wrong?

He won’t even sit up on his own.  He will sit up on his own forever if you let him, but he won’t pull up into sitting position on his own. 

And crawling? Forget it.

He will however, stand( with support) and he is a terror in his walker.

But still.  I just want him to do what everybody else is doing.

Developmentally that is……..



  1. Every baby develops differently. He will get there. You may get a better idea of when he will hit motor milestones by looking at when you and your hubby hit motor milestones. Some babies just develop a little later than others. He may skip crawling altogether and just start walking one day. You never know.

  2. hey my guy is in the exact same boat and I’m not worried at all. Clearly we do not have early crawlers, but they are by no means, late. Some babies dont crawl till 10 months, so we’ve got a while more to go before we should worry. Everyone under the sun tells me to enjoy this now b/c as soon as they’re mobile, we’re in for it. DH and I are both pretty athletic so we were kinda worried about his lack of early mobility, but heck who knows, he still has the chances of being athletic regardless.

  3. p.s. I read on one board that “bigger” babies are slower to do things than “smaller” babies. Are all those babies who are “developmentally” quicker smaller? Something about bigger babies having more body weight to carry around, hence longer for them to build those muscles to get mobile.

  4. And I’m jealous of the fact that your baby is bigger than mine was at that age! We’re all jealous of what other kids are doing. I think it’s part of the job description. And at the end of the day, mine will be 6 foot 2 and yours will be a long distance track star!

  5. Girl, cherise it. Izzy is one of the “early” mobility babies, and she is ALL OVER THE PLACE. It’s cute to look at, but not so much when she’s picking things out of the carpet that you THOUGHT you vaccumed well and putting them in her mouth, and pulling the cushions off of the couch, and trying to bite peoples feet, and wont go to sleep because she keeps sitting up, and OMG the list of reasons to NOT want the baby mobile is miles long, lmbo.
    I thought I wanted this, but now that it’s happened, I would pay Izzy to be still if she understood money.
    Also, what the previous posters said! I was a really early walker, but a late talker, and now i would much rather not be active ….like, AT ALL, and all I do is talk, lol.

  6. Fletcher does exactly the same thing. We are nurses, therefore we’re afraid that any teensiest perceived lag means automatic growth stunting/mental challenges. We’ve been programmed to think ahead and be proactive, so at the first sign of resistance, we swoop. Yeah, I know all about it. Oh, yeah, we’re first-time moms and you are a labor nurse and I’m a former labor nurse. This does not bode well for our hover factor. Maybe we need valium.

  7. Aww, Pookah just know that being waited on hand and foot is much better!!! 😉
    Don’t worry he will at his own pace….

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