Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 5, 2010

The trip

Well, it started off AWFUL.

The drive down was OK.  But it was still a lot of work to keep the boy occupied. 

We got there, and she(Mother in Law) was at work.  She promptly informed us that there was no food in the house and that “someone” needed to cook dinner.

Of course, that would be me.  We had to buy the groceries too.

I guess I bitched and moaned so much, that C-Dub cooked.  I felt bad that he had to cook after driving for 7 hours, but dammit, it was his mom.

Pookah went down to sleep and stayed sleep.  It was amazing, given all the noise in that house.   But then, we were cosleeping. 😦

The next couple of days went the same.  But I must say, she improved as the days went by.  OR maybe it was just that I got more tolerant as the days went on due to the WONDERFUL sleep I was getting. 

She didn’t make any comments this time that I could take offense to.  But there was one thing…….

She gave Pookah cake batter.

Cake batter with eggs in it.

Raw eggs.


After that incident, I kept a close eye on my boy.  He didn’t leave my side. 

He didn’t scream or yell in their presence.  He actually likes his Granny Ruby.

But I still won’t be letting her keep him any time soon……..

The ride back was horrible.  He screaming/cried for the last two hours of the trip, constantly rubbing his gums.  He wasn’t hungry, we stopped often enough to make sure of that.  He wasn’t wet either.  It was all the teeth.  The teeth that are not here.  The teeth that are stuck somewhere deep in my baby’s gums.  The teeth that are going to drive me insane if they don’t make an appearance soon.



  1. Oh yeah, teething sucks. I feel your pain on that!

  2. I feel ya! We still got a gummy bear here…..and am wondering when that darn teeth will show…..are whether my son is just now MUCH more crabbier than before!?

  3. LOL @ cake batter! My MIL gave some to son at 13 months, but I chose not to trip out. Heck, my mother let me eat plenty over the years a d it didn’t kill me.

  4. OMG…cake batter…is she forreal…? yeah baby needs to be monitored around her no telling what she will feed him… po’ thang. Hope the teething gets better soon.

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