Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 12, 2010

Our current state of mind

Soooo.  This morning, after a HORRENDOUS night of no sleep.  I got to thinking. 

Pookah hadn’t pooped in 12 days.


I promptly called the dr’s office and they got him in for a 11 am appointment.

We were on our way.  C-Dub decided he wanted to come to, so he left work.

Of course, we were in the room, waiting on the dr when he got” that ” look on his face.  and I smelled it.


I was like really? AFTER I pay the co=pay?  AFTER I used up all that gas?


And then he went AGAIN!

It wasn’t hard.  Just the consistency of peanut butter.  Chunky peanut butter.  TMI I know.  It was really gross.

We showed it to the dr of course, and she had suggestions after feeling on his belly and pronouncing him otherwise OK.

She wants up to give him 2 oz of pear juice everyday.  She said it has laxative properties in it.  Hmmmmm

And she also wrote down the name of a stool softener to add to his food id it gets this bad again.  Miralax.

I then mentioned the teething.  How long can this go on?


Great.  Just great.

And then C-Dub mentioned the lack of sleep.

She was really sweet about it as she explained that Pookah is going through separation anxiety right now and that is why he wakes up every few hours.  He just wants to know that we are still there.  I had noticed that almost as soon as I would pick him up, he would be sleep.

So, her suggestion of course, was crying it out.

I cringed.

C-Dub perked up.

He asked for details. 

I gave him the evil eye.

We went to lunch afterwards, and C-Dub wanted to try it. 


The man came home and researched it online and then told me all the psychology behind it, etc etc etc.

Soooooo. fast forward to now.

My baby is upstairs, crying his heart out.

I can hear him because C-Dub has the monitor on listening to him.

I tried to put him down drowsy, but that didn’t work.

So, I put him down asleep.

He woke up.

C-Dub went up and patted him, and left again.

And he is crying his heart out.


Since I started writing, he fell asleep.

It took 20 minutes. It seemed longer.

It worked?  But at what price?

I don’t know how I feel about this.


  1. aww *hugs* mama. We did a semi cry it out with Izzy (the progress interval thing) and it worked for us, but I really hate that you’re having to do it withouth being ok with it. I know it’s heartbreaking. 😦 Good luck!

  2. 12 days! Boy, Pookah must be so uncomfortable!

    I hope this separation anxiety eases up for him, and you too. Hugs.

    P.S. I finally decided to make my twitter account public coz the friend request trouble has bungled up all of my recent requests. I am sorry for making you do this the third time….you could just click-on and follow me, no permission would be needed from me….Ack!

  3. *hug*

    I’m just not sure about the whole CIO thing. I hope it gets easier for you all…

  4. Hugs. Poor baby boy.

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