Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 14, 2010

A new Frontier…..

I enrolled Pookah into daycare today.

Let me repeat that.

I enrolled my Pookah bear into daycare today. 


I had been talking about it for weeks, I even went for a tour of a couple of Daycares.  I settled on this one because it was the only one that Pookah seemed to like.  It was the one where he smiled.  And plus the other two I looked at, the babies who couldn’t move all looked like they were just being neglected.  This one….. it’s noisy.  Pookah is going to have to get used to that after the quiet of my house, but I think it will be good with him.  He looked really interested in the other kids. 

But he did cry.  And I was in the room.

But one of the daycare ladies came over and held him.  Now what I did like was that she let him feel her out first.  But of course, he cried anyway.    Whenever he looked up from something new and saw me.  So I think me being there is the problem.  Of course, the lady there was like, ” he’s doing really well, we’ve seen worse.  He will get used to us.”

I’m going to have to kiss him goodbye and just leave.  Otherwise, I will be crying outside the window watching him cry. 


So that starts Monday.


Well, Night two of CIO:

Went ok.

C-Dub wasn’t home.  He went to a meeting about our mortgage.  (I’ll talk more about that later)

So it was all me.

Pookah seemed to sense what was up, and would not get drowsy to save my life!  He would slide off, then be wide awake.  Finally, he was obviously sleepy, but fighting it hard. 

I put him down, kissed him and said goodnight.

He started crying before I left the room.

I sat outside the room for 5 minutes listening to him.

Then, I went in. Patted him, said shhhhhhh for about a minute. 

He cried harder.

I kissed him one last time, and left.

5 minutes later.  He had stopped crying continuously.  But everyone 3 to 5 minutes, he would give a yell/cry.

Finally, 15 minutes in, he was out.


He woke up 2 hours later, I waited 5 minutes, went in, patted him( he cried of course) and then left.

He went to sleep 10 minutes in.

He woke up 2 hours later AGAIN.   C Dub was home by then, and he wanted to go in and see him because he hadn’t been there when he went to bed.  I fed him, and put him down.  Unfortunately, he was already asleep before he hit the crib.  He woke up two hours later, and C-Dub went in and the same routine continued.  But this time, I turned off the monitor.  It was OK because you could hear him from our room no problem.  Just muffled by his closed door.  I went to sleep.  So……he must not have cried long.

The next time he woke up was 6 am.  i got up and fed him. So he slept from 2 to 6.  Pretty good. 

After I fed him, I put him down drowsy.  He cried for maybe a minute, and then was out.

He woke up at 8am

So all in all, it was a better night than the first night.  I’m interested to see what happens tonight……



  1. Awww Mama!!

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