Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 19, 2010

BABProject Week 4

Week 4 of Body After Baby! 

I am happy to report FINALLY some weight loss around here!!!!

Recap: Starting Weight: 180.6

Weight this AM: 178.2!!!!

YAY! Finally!

What did I do different this week?

I actually started “counting  calories” like I am supposed to.

According to a calorie counting website, I should be taking in about 2000 calories a day to maintain breastfeeding and loose weight.  That would be one pound a week.  I’ve been trying to stay between 1800 and 2000.

Well, it worked!  I noticed it worked best when I just became aware of what I was eating.  I admit to having ice cream this week.  Several times.  But I accounted for it in my calorie budget! I made sure i ate three meals a day.  With snacks.  And when I work at night, I made sure to eat only soup or a lean cusine meal for dinner.  And I snack on yogurt( Dannon’s Greek Yogurt REALLY helps.  It has 12 grams of protein!!!).

So I am very proud of myself despite the face that I haven’t exercised.

But that will change as of today!!!

The boy is going to daycare and I WILL exercise!!! 

So have a good week ladies!!!!



  1. That’s so awesome! Congrats!

  2. YAY!!!

  3. Awesome!

    I bow down to you and couting calories, it’s the hardest damn thing I have to do…and if I fail, I fail at this one aspect. 🙂

    But, you’ve inspired me to keep trying. Also, I’m so glad to see a woman actually eating some decent calories. 🙂 I know the smaller we get the less we must eat, but I’m saddened to only think I’ll one day consume only 1200 calories…I’d rather work out extra hard and enjoy some food instead.

    Keep it up, girl, I am so proud of you! I so wanna see myself in the 170’s with ya!

  4. So glad you will get some time for yourself today. 🙂

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