Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 20, 2010

Daycare and the end of Crying it out?

So yesterday was the big day.

Pookah woke up at 8 am.  By that time, I had already been up for an hour, getting all of his stuff(bottles of breastmilk, pampers, extra just in case clothes) all ready to go. I got him dressed, fed him and once C-Dub was ready, we were on our way. I think Pookah knew something was up.  He never gets dressed that early, and we NEVER all leave the house when C-dub does.

When we got there, I checked him in, C-Dub met everyone and we put Pookah down in a exersaucer.  I kissed him and said goodbye and so did c-dub.  He totally ignored us!

So much so that when we were walking out the door, C-Dub HAD to go back in to look through the window at him one more time.  To see if he was crying.

He wasn’t.

I cried on the way home.

Then, promptly took myself to Waffle House for a pity party.

It was a yummy pity party that cost me a days worth of calories.

I kept myself busy all day long cleaning, washing clothes, getting dinner ready.  I took a short short nap and before I knew it, it was time to pick him up again.

He was asleep when I got there, and cried when he saw me.  But he quickly calmed down while they told me about his day.  It wasn’t till I got him home that he seemed his old happy self.

But he was really tired about an hour after we got home.

He went to sleep an hour early.  No crying at all.

Let me repeat,


He then slept until about 2, then woke up again at 545 then woke up for good at 7.

I think the Crying it out worked!!!!!! It took EXACTLY a week.

He doesn’t cry when he wakes up at night anymore.  In fact, if it’s not at least 1 am, or not after  5am, I don’t get up when I hear him in the room.  He usually just babbles away, then goes right back to sleep within 5 minutes. That NEVER would have happened before we CIO.  NEVER!

I LOVE IT!!!!  I know in the past I was soooo against CIO. But after 30 nights of waking up every hour on the hour, we were all ready.  Now was the right time for all of us.  We were all ready for it!  I’m glad I gave it a chance this time, instead of just saying no.  It also taught me to never say never about what I will do with this child!


It has taken me all day to write this post!!  I’ve had to start and stop sooooo many times!!!



  1. Im so glad that it worked for you! I know you probably feel so much better after some nights of being able to sleep hours at a time, lol!

  2. hmmmmmmmmmm, I am now reconsidering CIO.

  3. Glad CIO worked for you. You have to do what works!

    It sounds like a successful daycare day! I bet it felt wonderful to get time for yourself!

  4. Feels like a vacation, doesn’t it. I’m so glad it worked! I know you feel better. Go Pookah!

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