Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 26, 2010

8 months

My Baby is 8 months old today!

C-Dub and I were looking at him naked today and we were both amazed that he is starting to look like a little boy and not a baby anymore.  He’s getting longer, skinnier, and he just looks like he is growing up!

My baby!!!!

What’s new this month?

He’s mobile.  NO he’s not crawling or walking.  But he does this scoot thing and somehow he gets around.  He babbles all day long.  I’m starting to say no a LOT!  He is so active!!!!   Daycare seems to have cured him of stranger anxiety.  he just goes to whoever now.  Including my sister-in-law( you know, the one he always cries when she even looked at him).  He is sleeping!! Every once and a while, I will get a small whine when I put him down.  It’s like he gears up to give a big cry, then falls off to sleep before he can get it out.  But all, my baby is just growing up!!

I can’t believe I’ve been a Mommy for 8 months!



  1. Pookah is such a cutie pie, and so juicy! I love juicy babies!

  2. You hit nail on the head Christina – He IS SO JUICY!!! 🙂

  3. he is SO very cute! Love his little smile. Congrats on another month! My little Princess will be 9 months on the 30th. And You can really hold off on the crawling. You think you say no a lot now, just wait until he’s REALLY crawling. lol

  4. Fletcher is doing the same thing! It’s hilarious! He scrabbles around in circles and rolls to wherever he wants to go. Excuse me, I have to go wrap the whole house in poppy paper.

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