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A new Frontier…..

I enrolled Pookah into daycare today.

Let me repeat that.

I enrolled my Pookah bear into daycare today. 


I had been talking about it for weeks, I even went for a tour of a couple of Daycares.  I settled on this one because it was the only one that Pookah seemed to like.  It was the one where he smiled.  And plus the other two I looked at, the babies who couldn’t move all looked like they were just being neglected.  This one….. it’s noisy.  Pookah is going to have to get used to that after the quiet of my house, but I think it will be good with him.  He looked really interested in the other kids. 

But he did cry.  And I was in the room.

But one of the daycare ladies came over and held him.  Now what I did like was that she let him feel her out first.  But of course, he cried anyway.    Whenever he looked up from something new and saw me.  So I think me being there is the problem.  Of course, the lady there was like, ” he’s doing really well, we’ve seen worse.  He will get used to us.”

I’m going to have to kiss him goodbye and just leave.  Otherwise, I will be crying outside the window watching him cry. 


So that starts Monday.


Well, Night two of CIO:

Went ok.

C-Dub wasn’t home.  He went to a meeting about our mortgage.  (I’ll talk more about that later)

So it was all me.

Pookah seemed to sense what was up, and would not get drowsy to save my life!  He would slide off, then be wide awake.  Finally, he was obviously sleepy, but fighting it hard. 

I put him down, kissed him and said goodnight.

He started crying before I left the room.

I sat outside the room for 5 minutes listening to him.

Then, I went in. Patted him, said shhhhhhh for about a minute. 

He cried harder.

I kissed him one last time, and left.

5 minutes later.  He had stopped crying continuously.  But everyone 3 to 5 minutes, he would give a yell/cry.

Finally, 15 minutes in, he was out.


He woke up 2 hours later, I waited 5 minutes, went in, patted him( he cried of course) and then left.

He went to sleep 10 minutes in.

He woke up 2 hours later AGAIN.   C Dub was home by then, and he wanted to go in and see him because he hadn’t been there when he went to bed.  I fed him, and put him down.  Unfortunately, he was already asleep before he hit the crib.  He woke up two hours later, and C-Dub went in and the same routine continued.  But this time, I turned off the monitor.  It was OK because you could hear him from our room no problem.  Just muffled by his closed door.  I went to sleep.  So……he must not have cried long.

The next time he woke up was 6 am.  i got up and fed him. So he slept from 2 to 6.  Pretty good. 

After I fed him, I put him down drowsy.  He cried for maybe a minute, and then was out.

He woke up at 8am

So all in all, it was a better night than the first night.  I’m interested to see what happens tonight……

Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 13, 2010

Crying It Out: The Aftermath

So we survived.

Or rather, Pookah  survived our first night of Crying it Out.

C-Dub was determined.  And since I agreed and I am beyond sleep deprived, I committed to see it through.  For one night at least. 

C-Dub of course, thinks the night was a success.  He always thinks the night goes better than it really does.  I think that’s because he usually sleeps through most of Pookah’s awake time.  But this is how the night REALLY went:

  • Pookah still woke up every 2 hours.  I just didn’t go to him every two hours.
  • He still had his 3 am “I want to wake up and talk” time.  The only difference was that this time, I left him in there.  To talk to himself. Alone. In the dark.  he cried at the end of his time for about 5 minutes.
  • He still got fed twice last night.   Once at about 1 am, and the last time at 430.  I figured he didn’t need to be deprived of food as well as CIO all in one night.  We’ll save weaning for another time.
  • He still woke up at 6 am.  I just let him stay in his bed talking to himself until 7 am.

C-Dub wanted to continue with naps.  I thought I had read somewhere to focus on going to sleep at night first then naps.  But C-Dub still wanted to try. 

That was a BIG FAT FAIL.

He cried for 30 minutes straight.  And there was no C-Dub to hold me back from going in the room this time.  So, I rescued him.  He cried even harder when he saw me, and it took 10 minutes to calm him down.

I put him down the regular way( nursed him to sleep and then eased him down in his crib without waking him)

He’s sleeping well. 

Oh well. Night two of sleep training tonight……..

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Our current state of mind

Soooo.  This morning, after a HORRENDOUS night of no sleep.  I got to thinking. 

Pookah hadn’t pooped in 12 days.


I promptly called the dr’s office and they got him in for a 11 am appointment.

We were on our way.  C-Dub decided he wanted to come to, so he left work.

Of course, we were in the room, waiting on the dr when he got” that ” look on his face.  and I smelled it.


I was like really? AFTER I pay the co=pay?  AFTER I used up all that gas?


And then he went AGAIN!

It wasn’t hard.  Just the consistency of peanut butter.  Chunky peanut butter.  TMI I know.  It was really gross.

We showed it to the dr of course, and she had suggestions after feeling on his belly and pronouncing him otherwise OK.

She wants up to give him 2 oz of pear juice everyday.  She said it has laxative properties in it.  Hmmmmm

And she also wrote down the name of a stool softener to add to his food id it gets this bad again.  Miralax.

I then mentioned the teething.  How long can this go on?


Great.  Just great.

And then C-Dub mentioned the lack of sleep.

She was really sweet about it as she explained that Pookah is going through separation anxiety right now and that is why he wakes up every few hours.  He just wants to know that we are still there.  I had noticed that almost as soon as I would pick him up, he would be sleep.

So, her suggestion of course, was crying it out.

I cringed.

C-Dub perked up.

He asked for details. 

I gave him the evil eye.

We went to lunch afterwards, and C-Dub wanted to try it. 


The man came home and researched it online and then told me all the psychology behind it, etc etc etc.

Soooooo. fast forward to now.

My baby is upstairs, crying his heart out.

I can hear him because C-Dub has the monitor on listening to him.

I tried to put him down drowsy, but that didn’t work.

So, I put him down asleep.

He woke up.

C-Dub went up and patted him, and left again.

And he is crying his heart out.


Since I started writing, he fell asleep.

It took 20 minutes. It seemed longer.

It worked?  But at what price?

I don’t know how I feel about this.

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Look Ma, new header!!!

I decided it was time for a change! Look at my blog! Isn’t it beaufitul!!!!!  I owe my beautiful new header to Christina  over at Being Mrs Jones!!! 

So go on over and visit her to get yourself one too!!!

I d

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The trip

Well, it started off AWFUL.

The drive down was OK.  But it was still a lot of work to keep the boy occupied. 

We got there, and she(Mother in Law) was at work.  She promptly informed us that there was no food in the house and that “someone” needed to cook dinner.

Of course, that would be me.  We had to buy the groceries too.

I guess I bitched and moaned so much, that C-Dub cooked.  I felt bad that he had to cook after driving for 7 hours, but dammit, it was his mom.

Pookah went down to sleep and stayed sleep.  It was amazing, given all the noise in that house.   But then, we were cosleeping. 😦

The next couple of days went the same.  But I must say, she improved as the days went by.  OR maybe it was just that I got more tolerant as the days went on due to the WONDERFUL sleep I was getting. 

She didn’t make any comments this time that I could take offense to.  But there was one thing…….

She gave Pookah cake batter.

Cake batter with eggs in it.

Raw eggs.


After that incident, I kept a close eye on my boy.  He didn’t leave my side. 

He didn’t scream or yell in their presence.  He actually likes his Granny Ruby.

But I still won’t be letting her keep him any time soon……..

The ride back was horrible.  He screaming/cried for the last two hours of the trip, constantly rubbing his gums.  He wasn’t hungry, we stopped often enough to make sure of that.  He wasn’t wet either.  It was all the teeth.  The teeth that are not here.  The teeth that are stuck somewhere deep in my baby’s gums.  The teeth that are going to drive me insane if they don’t make an appearance soon.

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BAB Week 3


Ok, so these last 3 weeks of the Body after Baby Project have been a big fat fail!

I have failed to :

1. exercise

2. properly count calories

3.  care

Honestly, this teething/unswaddling thing has me so wound up and stressed out that every time I even think about it, i want fried food or a cookie!

Yes, I am an emotional eater.  I get stressed, I eat.  I get depressed, I eat.  I get happy, I celebrate by eating.

The only thing that is saving me is the breastfeeding.

And I don’t drink.

Yet. ( I take that back, I am having a drink RIGHT NOW.  The trip back was so stressful…….but that’s another post.)

Anyway.  Mrs Jones suggested this for my Wii.  I’m going to walmart to see if I can get it tomorrow.  And Yes, we own a stroller, but have you been to the ATL lately?? It’s hot as hades around here!  Me and the baby would pass out.

So I’m officially starting over.

This is Week 1.

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I’m jealous.

Is my child at 7 months the only one who is not thinking about crawling?

Who rarely turns over?

I keep reading blogs and seeing video of babies the same age and younger who are doing it.

I’m getting a complex.

Is something wrong?

He won’t even sit up on his own.  He will sit up on his own forever if you let him, but he won’t pull up into sitting position on his own. 

And crawling? Forget it.

He will however, stand( with support) and he is a terror in his walker.

But still.  I just want him to do what everybody else is doing.

Developmentally that is……..

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the trip to mississippi….

Survived the trip, sanity barely intact. Now, to survive the visit…..

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I’ve discovered one of the main reasons that my child has not gotten used to sleeping on his own in his bed for any length of time. 

My Husband.  C-Dub. 

When I work at night, C-Dub doesn’t have the patience to stay in his room for hours on end picking up, putting down, picking up putting down.  Some nights Pookah decide that he wants to wake up every hour.  Or every two.  I’ll patiently redirect him to his bed.  But C-Dub……

Will bring the child to our bed.

Yes.  C-Dub has derailed us.

You see, now, Pookah LOVES our bed.  He will snuggle up under one of us, turn on his side and be out for HOURS.

And last night, when it was his turn to get the Pookah to try to put him back down after a midnight awakening, C-Dub snuck that boy in our bed.  I woke up at 2 am to find Pookah wiggling against me, trying to find my nipple through my shirt.


And I of course, in my sleep deprived haze, was too lazy to get up and put him back in his bed.

And the boy slept.  Woke up once more before his normal 730 wake up time.


This situation is not going to be helped due to the fact that we are traveling this weekend to Mississippi to see the in-laws (Oh My GAWD,  6 hours in a car with my teething, I don’t want to sleep, 7 month old???).

So anyway.  When we visit my mother in law, he sleeps in the bed with us.  There is no where else to put him.  No room for the pack and play.  No other bed.

Damn Damn DAMN!

So by the time we get back to Atlanta on Monday, sleep in his crib will be a distant memory.

This on top of the fact that I really am not looking forward to the constant criticism from the Mother in Law.  Will I survive the weekend without cursing her out? Out loud?

Pookah is still not over his stranger anxiety.  And I’m sorry, but strangers are what they are.  They have seen him twice.  He’s much better as long as you let him get used to you first before you just go grab him.  But C-Dub’s sister came over last weekend, and he cried and cried and cried when she looked at him. ( I don’t know what that’s about, but that’s another post for another time by the way).  So I can almost imagine what we have to look forward to.

Ok.  Moving on,

I finally FINALLY took formal portraits of the Pookah at Picture People.


And you would know they were if I could figure out how to use the scanner.

he looks so grown up!!!

Now that he’s 7 months, I have noticed a few new tricks he has up his sleeves:

He still won’t crawl, but he does this thing where he will try to leap  from one spot to the next.

He dances.  That’s right.  When a song that he likes comes on, the child will start bobbing his head, and moving his body to the beat.  It’s HILLARIOUS!!

He babbles.  All day long.

He can move the walker backwards, forwards, side to side, get out of tight corners, and follow me around.  It’s scary.  He is also trying to get into the kitchen cabinets….

He kind of rolls. But its more like a quick flip over to his belly so that he can get to someone or somewhere.

He drinks out of the sippy cup with more consistency.

He eats two meals a day(when I remember).

He has been sitting up on his own for a while now, but he still wont pull up into sitting position on his own.(lazy boy!)

All in all, he’s more mobile( can’t leave him on the changing table alone anymore) and more vocal.

Well, that’s all for now.  I might do a brief post or two from my blackberry while there.  I know I’ll do some small updating on twitter.  

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

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